Sunday, April 12, 2009

Squak Mountain, April 10, 2009

Yet another pleasant conditioning hike in the Issaquah Alps. We started from Squak Mountain State Park and hiked to Central Peak via the Equestrian Loop, Phil's Creek Trail and the Summit Trail. From the Summit Trail we hiked the Bullitt Access Trail and from there took spurs to West Peak and the Valley Connector Trail. After "bagging" West Peak we continued down toward the trailhead via the Valley Connector trail until we got to an unsigned junction. At the unsigned junction you can turn left (that will take you out to the gravel access road - follow that down to the trailhead). We continued straight until we intersected the access road again near the trailhead. The loop roughly adds up to 7 miles with about 1,900 feet of elevation gain (including ups and downs).

Signs of spring at last - a few battered triulliums and the shrubs are greening up. For solitude try West Peak - if you like company stop by the Bullitt fireplace en route to the turn off for West Peak and the Valley Connector. You can't miss the chimney by the way. There's also a picnic table there. No fires allowed in the fireplace.

The weather - cold, cloudy, a little bit of drizzle.

Trail conditions: On the trails where horses are allowed the trails are muddy - but so are the trails where horses are not allowed. It's that time of year!

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